Attorney, judicial administrator and co-founder and former director of Tetra Tech DPK. Possesses management experience with state and federal justice sector institutions in the US, and more than 20 years of consulting experience. Considered one of the leaders in the movement to improve rule of law both in the US and the developing world, particularly the Middle East, South Asia, and South America. Has provided strategic advice to judiciaries around the globe – most recently in Jordan. In Jordan, has worked extensively with Tt DPK project to finalize strategic plans pertaining to judicial independence, advised team members on methods to enhance judicial independence, provided advice on grants activities relating to judicial independence, and developed strategy for transfer of funding from Ministry of Justice to judiciary. Serves as Senior Advisor to Tt DPK, providing technical assistance in business development, project implementation, and strategic planning. Former State court administrator and the circuit executive for the Ninth Circuit. Successfully managed the complete overhaul of the Kentucky trial courts and the historic 4 year delay reduction program in the California courts. Initiated a decentralization financial management system for the federal court system. Holds a JD from the University of Kentucky and a BA from Transylvania University. Native English speaker and fluent in Spanish.


JD, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky, United States
BA, Business Administration, Transylvania University, Lexington, Kentucky, United States


2010 to Present

Senior Advisor, Tetra Tech DPK, San Francisco, California, United States

1991 to Present

Legal Consultant, Worldwide

Argentina and Uruguay:

Provided expert advice on judicial education, implementation of criminal and oral process, ADR, program design and implementation, court administration, reorganization of the national office, studies on legal impediments to civil justice, and creation of the MERCOSUR organization of Supreme Courts.


As consultant to USAID and Cooperación Promoción Universitario, assisted organization of trial courts, development of criminal code of procedure and activities designed to secure its passage in the Congress, and creation of ADR programs in the Ministry of Justice. Designed the Dispute Resolution Center for the Chambers of Commerce in Santiago and Valparaiso.


Consultant to Ministry of Justice on organization and creation of casas de justicia, trial court organization, and organization and operation of drug related policies and organizational issues in processing of drug cases.

Costa Rica:

Reorganized the Constitutional Sala and redesigned case processing procedures. Aided in creation of first community based ADR program. Assisted in reorganization of the trial courts, creation of the regional court administration program, and creation of the Judicial Council of Costa Rica. Served as advisor to the President of the Supreme Court.


Developed strategy for transference of funding from Ministry of Justice to judiciary. Finalized judicial reform project strategy and plans to support judicial independence. Advised team members on methods of enhancing judicial independence. Provided necessary advice on concluding grants activities related to judicial independence. Participated in judicial case management workshops, advising judges on strategies for case delay reduction. Strengthened judicial concept with the Chief Justice by explaining importance of implementing justice strategy.


Provided expert advice on needs analysis for large-scale judicial reform project and designed delay reduction program for selected trial courts.


Assisted in redesign of trial courts of Lima into a single building and in legal reforms to civil procedure.


Provided expert advice to Supreme Court on implementing reforms to civil code of procedure, administrative reforms to organization of trial and Supreme Court, and judicial education. Introduced ADR programs.


Served as lead consultant in reorganization of Supreme Court.

1993 – 2010

Director, Tetra Tech DPK, San Francisco, California, United States

Served as Director and principal liaison with international client base and senior experts in the rule of law consulting field. Oversaw portfolio of rule of law and integrity projects and provided high level technical and strategic planning assistance as required.

1991 – 1995

Senior Advisor, National Center for State Courts, Technical Assistance Project to Improve Administration of Justice in Latin America and Caribbean, Washington DC, United States

Organized and facilitated conferences on ADR, judicial education, and legal assistance in rule of law for Latin America. Facilitated the first global conference on rule of law in Washington, DC, in 1994.

1987 – 1991

Director, Administrative Office of the Courts for California, San Francisco, California, United States

1986 – 1987

Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, Bronson, Bronson & McKiney, San Francisco, California, United States

1981 – 1986

Circuit Executive, Ninth Circuit, San Francisco, California, United States

1975 – 1979

Director, Administrative Office of the Courts of Kentucky, Frankfort, Kentucky, United States


Spanish and English

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